Understanding Your Baby's Sleep

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My toddler and baby share a room. How do I stop one from waking the other up?

Children are adaptable and it’s important they’re exposed to noise when sleeping at an early age. By doing so, your child will be able to tolerate environmental noise and will become better prepared at sharing a room with another child. Here are some tips that may help make the transition easier for you and your children.

Coordinating sleep times for your baby and toddler

Synchronizing your baby and toddler’s bed times can help to ease the transition and assist in your children becoming accustomed to sleeping in the same room as each other. If this isn’t realistic, try to stagger their sleep times by a period of 30 – 45 minutes apart..

Once you have established a schedule that works for you and your children, you’ll find that if one wakes, it will not disturb the other and he will continue to sleep..

Sleep schedules for children sharing a room

Putting your children to bed when they’re drowsy instead of fast asleep is a positive way to encourage self-soothing and settling behaviors at nighttime. The first days of instilling this new behavior may be difficult, but with a little perseverance your children will soon become used to each other and their new sleeping arrangement. If a synchronized schedule doesn’t work initially, consider putting your oldest child to bed 30 minutes before baby, with the ultimate aim of closing this gap over a period of one week..

At first your baby may wake up or upset your oldest child, so be sure to reassure and encourage him to sleep deeply. Over time, these periods of wakefulness will give way to sleep and your oldest will only stir when baby wakes..

Remember, safety first. Make sure your oldest child doesn’t feed unsafe toys to your baby through the crib bars, and always ensure oversized toys and blankets are removed from baby’s crib before bedtime..

Having your children share a bedroom at night can help to enhance their relationship and lead to an increased sense of comfort and security while they are at a young age..